Our Mission

"To make the best homemade cookies on the planet, using the finest ingredients and a pinch of love, to make the world a sweeter, happier place.”

Cookie Canoodle

Taste the Love
We love baking delicious cookies that will delight your friends, family, and business associates. Whether you are looking to host a party, celebrate an event, or make a meeting special, Cookie Canoodle has many different options to choose from. 
Only the Best
At Cookie Canoodle, we take pride in baking cookies that make you want to come back over and over again! Butter, brown sugar, chocolate, and raisins. And more chocolate. High-quality ingredients make all the difference. A difference you can taste in every morsel of every cookie we bake. 
Following a Dream
Holli Hirsch is the founder and Chief Canoodler. She is a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education. Growing up in Atlanta, Holli's family treasured the relationships built around sharing meals and desserts with friends and family. Holli's dream has always been to share her love of baking desserts. Now you can share that love with your friends and family. 

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